Monday, December 29, 2008

About this blog...

About this blog... I finally settled on Blogger for my new set of blogs. I have had a blog at dotNetTemplar.Net for years, and one on before that. But for those, it was more of a mixture personal blog of professional and personal. I've been told there's some good stuff there, particularly in the Non-Technical category (mostly religious/philosophical stuff), so I'll keep that blog up and running as an archive for the foreseeable future.

My plan here is to create different blogs for different purposes--like channels, which has evolved over these last several years to be the "way" to do blogs, and I figure doing them all on blogger makes it easier for me to manage, to stay up to date automatically, and still have the ability for people to see all the blogging I'm doing in one place--just check out my profile.

This blog is my miscellany of Roman Catholic musings. The name is a play on words. Back in the days of the Reformation (especially), the Protestants in England would use the term "Romish popery" as a derogative for stuff that was particularly Roman Catholic. And hey, it just sounds like "potpourri," so the wife and I have a running inside smirk about the term.

When I was trying to find a unique URL for this blog on all things contemporary from my very Roman Catholic perspective, it just hit me that "Romish potpourri" would be a perfect fit. I hope what is written here adds some value amidst all the noise!