Friday, April 17, 2015

Junk Sex

I'll never understand how being a foul mouthed obnoxious jerk is something people think is a good, desirable thing to be. The fawning over this person's behavior I've seen is disturbing. How is it that being so ugly to others is attractive to some people?
I agree that the presentation sounds pretty poor and does a huge disservice to not only abstinence but also a healthy, chaste understanding of sex. It's not good to rely on fear mongering, scare tactics, and misinformation to get your point across no matter what the subject.
But still, this commentator's behavior is not really any better.
You certainly don't have to be a prude or "right wing extremist" to understand the value of abstinence, especially for teens:…/birth-control/abstinence
Special Advantages for Teens
Sexual relationships present risks. Abstinence is a very good way to postpone taking those risks until you are better able to handle them.
Women who abstain until their 20s — and who have fewer partners in their lifetimes — may have certain health advantages over women who do not. They are less likely to get STDs. Because they are less likely to get an STD, they are also less likely to become infertile or develop cervical cancer.
Sounds like a pretty attractive option.
You don't have to be a slave to your body's desires. Just like people can practice discipline to moderate their hunger for food and can exercise to stay in shape, we can moderate our sex drives and engage in healthy, close, meaningful, and loving relationships without sex.
Hookups are the junk food of sex. Life-committed (married) love that embraces sex for all it naturally is is not only the safest but also the most fulfilling. It is the health food of sex. The fullest outcome of sex is the intimate bonding of two persons out of which comes a new person to be cherished and nurtured in the context of that same loving relationship.
Is junk food enjoyable? Sure! Is it the best thing for you? Hell no. And we shouldn't pretend otherwise.