Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Daily Examination

I prayed a prayer this morning. It was simple. Something like this:

Dear Lord, help me to make you present to people today.

It's a tall order, especially for a hotheaded Celtic dude like me. But that's what grace is for. That's why I prayed.

As I was driving home today, this thought came to me:

Did you make Jesus present to others today?

Crap. I don't think I did much. I actually seemed to have had an abnormal amount of frustrating trials today, and I'm thinking I didn't exactly deal with them all as our Lord would.

But then I thought, hey, that's a good, simple self-examination to do each day. Wake up. Pray for the grace to bring Christ into the world. Live the day. Ask yourself if you did what you prayed for help to do. Make an act of contrition if need be and renew the intention.

Maybe eventually I'll get there. I imagine it'll never be consistent, but one can hope. And pray. And most of all (actively) rely on grace. Actively avail myself of the Sacraments, especially reconciliation and the Eucharist. Actually, that reminds me of Practicing the Presence of God. Good book. I should read it again.