Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Liebster Award – Helping Blog Communities to Grow and Thrive

Allow me to firstly thank Chris Weitzel over at for choosing me among his nominees for the "award" (or "task"). I realize that I am definitely "undersubscribed." I mean, come on, people! This blog is awesome! ;) ;) nudge nudge

What is the Liebster Award and how do you get one?

The Liebster Award was started some time ago by a German blogger who wanted to assist others in finding great but, under-subscribed to blogs.  The “award” nomination is granted from one blogger to another and is considered as “awarded” when the nominated blog completes a certain set of requirements.  The current requirements have evolved over time and are as follows:

  1. Post the Liebster award graphic on your site. (Google to find it if needed)
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated the blog for a Liebster Award and link back to their blog.
  3. The blogger then writes 11 facts about themselves so people who discover their blog through the Liebster post will learn more about them.
  4. In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, nominated bloggers should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.
  5. The nominated blogger will in turn, nominate 9 other blogs with 200 or less followers (We’re guessing for our nominees) for a Liebster award by posting a comment on their blog and linking back to the Liebster post.
  6. The nominated blogger will create 11 questions for their nominated blogs to answer in their Liebster post.

That’s It! (ha ha)

Essentially, The Liebster Award is a way to connect smaller blogs to one another.  It promotes the discovery of new blogs and also helps to increase traffic through link exchanges.  While not an “award” in the traditional sense of the word, it is a great way to build up communities and to help other small bloggers to get discovered.

11 Boring Facts About Ambrose

  1. I was born in Little Rock, AR and raised in Tulsa, OK. I have been called a hayseed because of my accent by a lifelong New Jerseyan, but I do not have an accent.
  2. Despite my immense powers, my beard eclipses me in fame.
  3. I am married to an immensely patient woman, and we have five fun and often annoying children. 
  4. I find thinking up facts about me somewhat tedious and self-indulgent, and the number of things to do for this "award" a tad much. But all for the greater good...
  5. I grew up a charismatic, evangelical Protestant, began my journey towards the Catholic Church as a freshman in university and completed it with my wife on Easter Vigil 2001.
  6. I am a huge fan of bacon, cheese, and spicy food. Who am I kidding; I just like food. And beer. And scotch. And sometimes wine. I brew my own beer and like to smoke meat.
  7. I joined the lay Dominicans in 2007 and made my final, permanent profession in the Order in 2011.
  8. Aaaagh.. four more??  Umm.. I like to shoot pool. I'm pretty good at it, as an amateur.
  9. I'm a big sci-fi nerd. Star Trek: TNG, DS9, Original, Farscape, Firefly, Babylon 5, BSG, Dr. Who, to name some of my favs. Been to a couple conventions, but I have yet to wear a uniform. On the other hand, I do have a kilt.
  10. My BA is in European History, with a late medieval focus, minor in humanities, but I make software for a living.
  11. I'm really a nice guy, somewhere deep down underneath my big, mean brusque exterior.
My Answers to Chris' Questions
  1. 42, but what is the question?
  2. Yeah, I'm not going to answer this one honestly. But ONE pretty dumb thing I did was TP the pastor's lawn (his daughter was in my class). What can I say, TPing our friends was a thing for a while then...
  3. My superpower is the ability to win any argument, if I want to. ;)
  4. I'll go with the obvious and say I'd want a good knife with me at all times while camping, maybe even a machete.
  5. I'll take scotch any day over basically any other alcoholic beverage, and right now, I'm pretty keen on Clynelish 14. Gee thanks, now I gotta go pour one. Boston Lager is my staple beer.
  6. I'll go with the horse-sized duck. If nothing else, it'd be delish to cook up later.
  7. Holy Grail. Hands down the best Monty Python.
  8. Thomism. Ha. There. Nice and big, so I don't have to pick among the many interesting things I've discovered about the Church.
  9. There are tricks for such things? In general, I have cultivated a calm demeanor to try to deal with my hot temper. Also: Prayer. Confession. The Eucharist. Not tricks; just grace..
  10. Yes. I watched Veggietales while I was still in high school, when (I think) it first came out. The kids have watched it some, too. I also liked the SNL spoof "Religtables" (for the name, mostly).
  11. I don't really care that much any more. The favorite vehicle I've owned (still own) is my 2004 Dodge Ram.
My Nominees
Hopefully none of them will be offended if I assume they may have fewer than 200 subscribers. They may have many more for all I know, but at least I don't know that they are super popular.
  1. Just Thomism -
  2. Countercultural Father - 
  3. Franciscan Focus - (I know Chris also nominated her.)
  4. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam - 
  5. Bilik Family - 
  6. Laudet Dominum -  
  7. Never Give Up -
  8. nowhere - 
  9. Musings of Todd - 
My Questions
Okay, now for the hardest part. Coming up with clever questions.. oh I give up on that. Here are questions, at least.
  1. Why do you blog?
  2. Did you grow up to be what you thought you wanted to grow up to be? What was it? How do you feel about your answer?
  3. What is your favorite sci fi series?
  4. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Feel free to say why.
  5. Did I guess right that you are "undersubscribed"?
  6. Do you think I should trim my beard? Why or why not?
  7. Are you happy with your parish life?
  8. What is the most quotable movie ever? Answer with a quote from that movie.
  9. How long did you spend on this nomination thingie? 
  10. Which is better: pecan pie, chocolate pie, or pumpkin pie? Discuss.
  11. What is the motto of the Order of Preachers?