Monday, March 11, 2013

Theological Grades of Certainty

Theological Grades of Certainty

This weekend I did a mini study on dogma, authority, and theological grades of certainty. My sources were:

For my own purposes, I started capturing notes into a PowerPoint. I wanted to make some simpler visualization of it, and that's what you see above. The slides below it explain the terms, but for anyone familiar with Ott, they should be recognizable. This helps me keep the degrees more in mind, and especially when reading Ott, it can help keep it sorted since he just uses the abbreviations for each (also included in the slides). It's mostly derived from Ott and the CDF commentary; the other two sources are mainly backgrounders.

It occurred to me that maybe others could benefit from it, so here you go.

I'm not 100% confident I've pulled it all together correctly, so if there are any dogmatic theologians out there, feel free to correct me. :)