Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wasn't Jesus Transhuman?

You know, I blogged briefly in response to an article I read on transhumanism a couple days ago. That's been rolling around in my head I guess, and then I read this great homily by the papal theologian, Fr. Cantalamessa, who dove into St. Athanasius' defense of the divinity of Christ. And suddenly, the two thoughts collided and BAM! Wasn't Jesus transhuman?

I mean, the whole awesomeness is that he assumed humanity into his divinity, and there's a great patristic tradition that talks about this being a divinization of humanity. In short, it seems like God fully intends for us to become transhuman. He has provided a way for us to do so by his grace, but it sets an interesting precedent.  If God didn't intend to leave us as we were in our humanity but wants to enhance us, I think that's a positive indicator that we shouldn't outright reject doing the same using the natural gifts he's given us. We just need to do it in a way that is good and moral.